Meet Our Board Members

Nkechi Ngozi (OGBONNAYA) Nwaji


My name is Nkechi Ngozi Nwaji Ogbonnaya. I was born in Biafra Nation and I am an Australian citizen. I am a family woman, mothering two lovely handsome young men. I am a civil engineer by profession with speciality in roads and rail transport engineering management, and the founder and director of IKE Family Support Foundation (IKEFSF). IKEFS Foundation is a non-profit organization which became effective on 10 February 2018. The creation of the Foundation was motivated by a dream and passion to serve the community. 

My story about the Foundation (name, story and motivation behind it)

When I was a child, I observed the hardship experienced by young mothers especially those in rural areas. These young mothers depended solely on small scale farming. As I passed by, I could see the struggle and hardship they went through daily on each of their faces and their children would reflect this image. This was the turning point for me. As from this day forth, it became my dream to become an engineer, in order to help reduce the sufferings of my people.

When mothers are in a good position, it reflects on the well-being of their children and family. Now even though I’m living far away from my home country, the burning desire to reach out to those in such a vulnerable situation, especially young mothers in my immediate community is stronger than ever.

Overtime, I have been mentoring young mothers specifically those in the Cultural and Linguistic Diversified (CALD) community, who have experienced family violence. This involves looking for work, helping mothers find a healthy family, selfcare & career balance, finding extra-curricular activities for their children, and aiding them settle into their communities. Through this journey, I have seen the positive impact my mentorship has made in their lives and it has been amazing to see this reflect in their children. It truly gives me an inner joy seeing them happy and motivated. These same women I have mentored, have helped and motivated me to open this foundation. They have told me that I am a ‘hidden treasure’ in the society.


Dr Francis Acquah

The Executive Director - Foundation Advisor

In December 2017, Francis was awarded Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Honoris Causa by the Commonwealth University. Francis is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and the Executive Director of Positive Wellness Recovery Centre (PWRC) and the President of the Mental Health and Well-being Foundation based in Ghana and Australia. Francis has over 30 years’ experience as a Mental Health Nurse across public and private health care settings. (PWRC) provides comprehensive and integrated mental health support, counselling, psychosocial rehabilitation, music and dance therapy, hypnosis for healing, nutritional bites and reintegration into society.

Francis has presented at National and International Conferences including locations in Australia, UK, Finland, Canada, Singapore, Ghana, Senegal, Malaysia and Dubai, UAE.

Francis is a multi-award winner, having won: – Living Legend Award 2013 from African Australian National Awards 2013; Meritorious Service Award Excellence in 2013; African Media Community Leader Award 2014; Australia Day Award in 2015, Francis was recognised by his peers and was awarded the AUSTRALIA Mental Health Nurse Achievement Award 2015. Francis is a Fellow of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses; In 2018, he received Friend of Zimbabwe Award Australia and the Afroshine Awards Community Leadership Award. Francis is a Global Goodwill Ambassador – Humanitarian. Francis is a Paul Harris Rotarian.

Dr Macbeda Michael

The Executive Director
 Dr. Macbeda Michael is an environmentalist and educator dedicated to protecting the environment. He is involved in the life of many Not-for-Profit Organizations. Dr. Macbeda is a great speaker and mentor. He is married with children.
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Mr Chiamaka R Ogbonnaya

The Financial Secretary

Chiamaka R Ogbonnaya, born in Australia with a Biafran heritage, is a civil engineering designer by trade, contributing to multiple rail-road level crossing removal sites within the Melbourne metropolitan region. His project management skills have led him to develop high-quality outputs for the greater community we live in.  

His passion for the industry, diligence, willingness to learn, collaboration, contribute and reflect on works undertaken are desirable attributes – now expanded to extra extracurricular activities.

Mr Ikechukwu V Ogbonnaya

The Public Relation Officer

Ikechukwu is a graduate of RMIT. Graduating with distinction in the bachelors of business majoring in Financial Planning. To add to his qualifications, he also has a diploma in International Business. During his time at university, he volunteered in Malaysia participating in various local projects with local and international students ranging from America and Malaysia. Ike is also passionate about sport, grew up playing basketball and has coached and trained basketball on various levels. In addition, he is also passionate about music, fashion and creativity being one of upcoming photographers in Melbourne with a strong connection with various up and coming artist in Melbourne and Nationwide.