Our Services

IKE Family Support Foundation aims to bridge those gaps and challenges, which may be faced by a victim of family violence, refugees and migrants. IKEFSF achieves these objectives by encouraging and directing individuals to access the available family support services, supporting and empowering individuals through mentoring, counselling, coaching, social events, workshops, donations, and providing them with programs that enhance networking and social welfare for the entire families; invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.

Our Skills Include

  • Engaging with communities
  • Gaining interpersonal connections with families
  • Instilling belief into struggling families
  • Providing a network of people and professional services known by the foundation
  • Diverse thinking and brining different perspectives on issues within the community

We are also involved in

  • Assisting parents in their personal difficulties in terms of intergrating and settling into their communities
  • Encouraging and helping parents to find extra-curricular activities for their children.
  • Directing clients to similar Not-for-profit organizations that may be of help when needed.
  • Looking for work / career development.
  • Family and Work life Balance