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IKE stands for strength, power and creativity. IKEFSF represents these qualities through connecting services to enhanced social welfare and community engagement.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the foundation is to direct, encourage and support families with family violence, refugees and migrants by linking them to the appropriate support services. The support service aims to educate parent(s) and children, providing them with the relevant knowledge and information to quicken their settlement into their local community in Australia and strengthen their wellbeing.

One in four women in Australia has experienced at least one incident of violence by a male intimate partner (ABS, 2012). This is a homegrown issue but is growing with the rise of families immigrating to Australia coming from different backgrounds – potentially feeling isolated in a foreign environment with different cultural means of dealing with this issue.

IKE Family Support Foundation aims to bridge those gaps and challenges, which may be faced by a victim of family violence, refugees and migrants. IKE achieves these objectives by encouraging and directing victims to access the available
family support services, supporting and empowering victims through mentoring, counselling and providing them with programs that enhance networking and social welfare for the entire families invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.

Our Team

We work collaboratively with other organisations to deliver the support you need.

We are also officially partnered with African Family Services (AFS) to serve African-Australian and CALD communities in Victoria.