Our Purpose

The organisation’s main objective is to engage in public benefit activities in communities through mentoring, counselling, coaching, social events, workshops, and general supports such as:

  • Support families with family violence
  • Welfare and humanitarian activities
  • Health care activities
  • Education and career development
  • Donations

Mission Statement

To work in partnership with members of the communities, to serve individuals and families, to inspire and create a more informed society, to enhance the quality of life for all.

Vision Statement

IKE Family Support Foundation creates safer communities through access to education, enhanced social welfare, career development and community engagement.

A Message From Our Director

The name of my group is IKE Family Support Foundation (IKEFSF). IKEFSF became effective on 10 February 2018. IKE stands for strength, power, and creativity. IKEFSF represents these qualities through connecting services to enhance social welfare and community engagement.IKE Family Support Foundation aims to bridge the gaps and challenges, which may be faced by refugees and migrants including those that are experiencing family violence.

 The organisation’s main objective is to engage in activities and programs to benefit communities such as: 

1. Support families including those families experiencing family violence 

2. Welfare and humanitarian activities 

3. Health and wellbeing activities 

4. Education and career development activities

5. Orphanage support and donations 

The purpose of the foundation is to assist, encourage and support refugee and migrant families (CALD), women and those families experiencing family violence through mentoring and by linking them to the appropriate support services in the local community.